how to write a marketing message

How do you write a marketing message?

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What is your marketing message to customers? How effective is it? OK, so you’ve identified your ideal customer. This means you’ve researched and written your key customer personas and have a good idea of what your customers need. So far so good. So now what precisely are you trying to communicate to your ideal customers […]

Christine Southern personal branding Marketing Accomplish

Personal branding: conceit or constructive?

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Do you shudder when you hear the words Personal Branding? I know I did. Yes, I have a website About section and social media accounts and yes, my photo was several years out of date, but did that really matter? It didn’t until I met Sadia and Ian Barlow at a networking event. This is […]

storytelling in marketing

Storytelling in marketing, lose the boring blogs

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I admit it. I suffered from BBS – boring blog syndrome. Here are some examples of my earlier blogs. No matter how many times I started writing. How much valuable the content or how much knowledge I wanted to share. The result was a series of dry descriptions. Reading my blog was a bit like […]

How to download a pdf of your LinkedIn profile

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I was recently asked to download a pdf of my LinkedIn profile as part of my credentials and thought you’d also like to know how to download a pdf of your LinkedIn profile. When you have logged onto LinkedIn click on Me then View Profile On your profile page click on the three dots … […]


3 easy steps to a successful LinkedIn profile

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LinkedIn is ‘the’ professional social media network. Launched in 2003 growing to now having over 100 million active users and being listed in the top 20 most popular websites. LinkedIn is only used in the professional context, not for embarrassing pictures or competitive parenting which are the bread and butter of some other social media channels. If […]

writing your enewsletter

Writing your enewsletter a step by step process

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Struggling to get your enewsletter out? Here’s a quick guide to writing your enewsletter, a step-by-step process. What tool? In the vast majority of cases, use Mail Chimp when writing your enewsletter. It is the ‘market leader’ and unless there is a good reason not to use it (you are already using something else), then […]

Go social media to grow your business

Go Social Media To Grow Your Small Business

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In the modern business age, Social Media is the next best thing to sliced bread. In fact, if you are a small service business, your Social Media profile is fast becoming one of the most important ingredients in your overall recipe for success. As part of an integrated and comprehensive marketing strategy, Social Media should […]

Low cost marketing ideas

3 Essential Free Ideas for Low Cost Marketing

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Running a small business is, let’s face it, incredibly hard. Between your supply chain, staff, customers and bank manager, keeping all the plates spinning can be tough. Ultimately though, everything comes down to your cash flow and improving that means effective low cost marketing. The only trouble is the sheer expense of most traditional marketing […]

Webinar success with Sue & Pia

Stunning example of collaboration and webinar success

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Working with other people, collaborating or partnering on projects can multiply your business opportunities. Especially when you can find ways to reach out together to your community. Here is an excellent example of how one of my clients partnered with another successful entrepreneur to run an on-line workshop and co-promotion. Its a stunning example of […]

Pricing for a thriving business

Pricing for a thriving business, see the light

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Setting the right pricing is a challenge for any business. Setting the right pricing for a service business is a real challenge. Unlike tangible products it is not so easy to compare like-with-like and to find out what your competitors are charging. The Right Pricing On the whole there is no “typical” pricing your services […]

Focus your business on customer needs

Customer needs – why they should be your focus

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Well-constructed service descriptions reflect customer needs and identify the distinctive benefits of value to your customers. You make a difference to the lives of your customers by delivering specific services to your ideal customers, which fit with their needs. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and ask yourself what do you do for your customers? […]

How to describe your ideal customer

Describe your ideal customer with certainty

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Who is your ideal customer? You manage a small business and potentially have a huge range of people who could be your customers. However, with limited time and resources how do you go about determining what your focus should be? How to describe your ideal customer? Start by asking the broad question. Describe your ideal […]

Is Denial your Money Management Strategy?

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Pinkvox is issuing a challenge to women and men alike: it’s time to move on from denial as a money management strategy; it’s time to take control. Money Talks! What Does It Say about You. September 25, 6pm to 8pm at London School of Economics Event Registration: Pinkvox, a group of women professionals, business […]

Small business marketing plan

The 7 Successful Planning Steps

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Small Business Marketing Plan. The Success Equation Desire + Vision + Action = Results Your desire to succeed and enthusiasm for what you do comes from within, but I can give you some tips on how to develop your vision and plan for action. Step 1: Ensure you know where you are now What is […]

4 Steps to Increased Productivity

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Taking on new employees is often too costly to be practical for small business owners, which means that the only sensible way to improve the bottom line is to squeeze more productivity from the existing workforce. A popular way to achieve this aim is by finding new ways to motivate employees to work harder and […]

The Number One Reason You Don’t Plan

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Efffforrrt ……. Here is a fast and easy step-by-step approach to planning your business. (Remember you are planning your business not simply producing a business plan)   Step 1: Current Situation – What is your starting point? What is your current: product/service offering? market & competitors? marketing & sales methods? customer base? way of working […]

Financial Forecasts – Will You Make Money?

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The financial forecasts in your business plan are your view, your best educated guess, of what the finances of your business will be in the future based on the plan you have produced. Prove to yourself your business will make money. Sales Forecast – estimate the revenue you expect to earn from sales in the […]

AquaPhysio Finalist in Merton Best Business Awards

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How Business Owners are Saving the World! AquaPhysio Limited owner, Wendy Skinner, is dedicated to making this incredibly effective form of treatment and exercise accessible within Merton Borough and surrounding areas both to healthcare professionals and uniquely to the general public and sports men and women. Morden based AquaPhysio has earned a place on the […]

Here is a Method Helping Customers Write You Better Testimonials – The Feline Way

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If you want to receive testimonials from you customers that resonate with your prospects then try suggesting the Feline Approach – C.A.T. (It will also help you write effective testimonials for others.) Why Customers Who Love You Still Have Trouble Writing Testimonials One of the common barriers to a customer writing an excellent testimonial for […]

Stephen Hurton’s Proper Successes at Proper Oils

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Business Owners are Saving the World! Stephen Hurton of Proper Oils in conversation with Christine Southern.                            What is the focus of your business and what is it you are trying to accomplish? I am trying to prove that local is better by developing an economically sustainable business, properly, in a social and ethical […]

How Business Owners are Saving the World

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Here we celebrate your achievements and provide inspiration to others. In the UK, small and medium sized businesses employ 14.1 million people and have a combined turnover of £1,500 billion.*  At a time of austerity and financial squeeze you are the ones getting up each and every day, running your business, providing employment, paying taxes and […]

Tackle Your Competitors in just 30 Minutes

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As a business owner you are no doubt keenly aware that you have competitors. Who are they?       How are they a threat?       How can you compete effectively? Trouble is in the day-to-day pressures of running your business you don’t always have the time to consider your position before the cold winds of competition strike. Before you know […]

What is Your Business Not?

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If you have struggled to really identify your business goals and purpose, or have found it difficult to truly identify your target market, describe your customer and what they want – try the not approach. For some reason we can often better describe what we don’t want more easily than what we do. We can […]

How to Gauge Your Business Progress – The Humble Milestone

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In the urgency of the day-to-day, it is sometimes difficult to gauge whether we are actually making progress in the growth and development of our business. We ask ourselves what we have actually accomplished. Identifying Vital Milestones is a simple but effective way of encouraging and tracking progress. What are Vital Milestones? Identifying and monitoring […]

Daunting To-Do List? Focus on Key Progress

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If you are struggling to get through your to-do list each day only to find that the important projects needed to really develop your business are not implemented, then I suggest focusing on Key Progress Plans. What is Key Progress Planning? Key progress planning is simply determining what you need to do, by when, to […]

Are you Unsubscribing from Sales?

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Over time we find our inboxes crammed with emails and e-newsletters. In an attempt to gain some control over our life we often unsubscribe from as many as we can and give a huge sigh of relief as our emails thin out. A word of caution here: are you unsubscribing from potential customers or referrals? […]

Ensure your Business has a Fairy Tale Ending

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Once upon a time there was a business owner, expert in their field, who wanted to succeed. The owner had dreams of shiny new customers hurrying towards the business, clutching bags of gold they couldn’t wait to pass over in exchange for the excellent, personal service being offered. The owner had a vague idea of […]

Developing an Effective Sales Strategy

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Why Do We Need a Sales Strategy? Your business plan concentrates your efforts on what you want to accomplish; it keeps you on track; provides visibility of progress; translates your ideas and intentions into clear actions and in committing to deadlines, compels you to take action. Your marketing plan is an expression of who you […]

How Creating your Mission is not Mission Impossible

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Why does a small business need a mission? Clarity, Commitment and Focus You are a business owner with many demands on your time. There are a whole range of markets you could serve and products and services you could deliver. You cannot do everything. Your mission should describe, with passion, in a sentence or so, […]

How to Cope with Business Downtime at Christmas

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If Christmas is actually your quiet time of year, here are a number of suggestions for how to use the time effectively to improve your business. Replenish and “Redecorate” Your Business A quiet time in the business is useful to replenish and “redecorate” your business. This could literally mean to review your physical product lines […]

Keep It Simple Planning – Simplify Corporate-Speak

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As the owner of a small business you rarely have enough time: the urgent often overwhelms the important and running your business can seem like snakes and ladders in a maze. Business planning, although vital for your success, seems the preserve of larger businesses, an impossible luxury for a small business. You can, however, effectively […]

The 10 Minute Arm-Ache That Will Save You Hours

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So you’ve finally found a few moments to sit down, in peace, to think about the future of your business. You ask yourself. How will I develop my business?  How will I accomplish business growth? What is the best course of action? In just 10 minutes you can start to answer those questions. Beginning with […]

Winning New Business Takes Effort

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We are bombarded daily by messages of how easy it is to find and win new customers; how simple it is to beat our competition. We are offered hot tips, easy steps and quick results. I’ll let you into a secret … it takes effort. Discover what you really need to do to increase your […]

Why is “Do you have a Business Plan?” such an awkward question?

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“Do you have a business plan?” Response from business owner … Exasperation.  “We are a small company. We don’t need reams of unintelligible spreadsheets.” Guilt. “We did have one a few years ago but haven’t really updated it since.” Pity. “If you knew the business you’d realise things move too fast for planning.” Agrression. “Look” (the “pal” is […]

Funding for London Business Owners

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What’s On Offer Growing SMEs in London could be eligible for a matched funding grant for coaching and mentoring, up to a maximum of £1000. At a recent briefing, Exemplas (the organisation managing the Leadership & Management Advisory Service in London on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency) outlined the offer. The aim is to provide support to […]